Low Ash Metallurgical Coke

Low Ash Metallurgical Coke

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Metallurgical coke is a carbon material resulting from the manufactured purification of multifarious blends of Australian coal.LAMC is Green fuel and 100% Eco Freindly Fuel.
Coke is made by destructive distillation of a blend of selected Bituminous coals (called Coking coal or Metallurgical coal) in special high temperature ovens in the absence of oxygen until a greater part of the volatile matter is driven off. The resulting product, COKE, consists principally of Carbon with sizes ranging from basketballs (foundry coke) to fine powder (coke breeze).
Coke is primarily used to smelt iron ore and other bearing materials in blast furnaces, acting both as a source of heat and as a chemical reducing agent to produce pig iron or hot metal.
We currently operates non polluting non recovery type coke ovens . The raw material requirement is met by importing prime coking coal of Australian origin. The distinct features of our coke are as under:
Meticulous coking cycle and relatively higher oven temperatures results in superior coke quality.
Complete combustion of coking coals resulting in almost negligible levels of pollution.
Advance In-house lab for complete analysis and to rectify minute changes in chemical specifications.
We are planning to develop new trends as far as improved coke quality is concerned.
Completely RCC coal & coke yard which ensures that the coke quality is maintained.
Exclusive mechanized machines for exact sizing and screening of coke.
Excellent infrastructure facilities like steel duct & stack and big size ovens which increases the efficiency as well as the quality of coke.
We have expertise in producing different coke qualities for the requirements of blast furnaces, foundries, Ferro alloys.
We are also diversifying into different activities and moving towards an eco friendly energy by setting up a power plant with the stack emissions of our coke oven.
Low Ash Metallurgical Coke (Met Coke) is required for metallurgical and chemical industries and is used as the primary fuel where high temperature and uniform heating is required.
The industrial consumers of LAMC include integrated steel plants, industry/foundries producing Ferro Alloys, Pig Iron, Engineering Goods, Chemicals, Soda Ash,Cement Industries,Zinc units and also used in Tea and hotel restaurants & etc.


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    Low Ash Metallurgical Coke

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