Coal Based Activated Carbon Powder

Coal Based Activated Carbon Powder

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Our Powder activated carbon is manufactured using pure pine wood which is an excellent base for manufacturing activated carbons with good adsorption power.

The steam activated process is done by activating the charcoal in a rotary kiln by heating at high temperatures by steam. The activated carbon that comes out from the kiln is called unwashed activated carbon. These unwashed activated carbon has higher ash and iron content. This is reduced by washing the unwashed activated carbon with acid (HCl / H2SO4) and purified water. This results in reduction of ash content to as low as 1% and iron as low as 50 ppm.

The gradation of different qualities of activated carbon is done on the basis of Methylene blue value and iodine value. The iodine value is a better test as the particle size of iodine molecule is small enough to penetrate the smallest of pores. We can relate the iodine value of activated carbon directly to its surface area because of the above fact.


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    Coal Based Activated Carbon Powder

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