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NILKANTH EXPORTS is the biggest producer of high quality PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDER.
Although the process is primarily focused on producing Engineering Quartz Stones, we cater the requirements from all the fields.
The Processing
The processing takes place under advanced machinery such as In-line optical camera sorting system, Stone-to-stone crushing, unique distribution on the base of particle size, and High Powder Roller Magnetic System that removes magnetic material, if any. The entire processing makes sure to rid the product from Big Particles, rubber particles or foreign particles.
Furthermore, our raw material is stored in confined space, which makes it foolproof against the clutter in environment and safety from uninterrupted production due to any weather condition.

We fulfill all the requirements because we know them! In the huge arena of Grits, we supply them in three main varieties.
1. Transparent Grits
Pristine-looking transparent Granules. Mostly these are suitable in the production of white and transparent Quartz Slabs.
2. White Grits
These are the exceptional white Granules which are most suitable in the production of regular Quartz Slabs.
3. Smoky Quartz Grits
These grits are of the lowest cost in the entire range. They are semi transparent, smoky with natural yellowish colour. They are mostly used in the production of Quartz slabs with dark and yet natural granite coloured Quartz Slabs.
Apart from that, weâ??re also the quality-producers of the Quartz Fillers as follows:
1. Transparent White Filler
As the name suggests, the product is Transparent with a white hue.
This product is the most suitable in the production of multi-coloured onyx typed Quartz slabs.
2. Opaque White Filler
The pure white-coloured opaque fillers, which are mostly used in the production of Pure White Quartz Slabs.
3. White/ Cream Filler
These fillers are of the regular quality, which are vastly used on commercial basis. Widely used in the production of dark-coloured slabs.


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